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My4life Transfer Factor | My4life Transfer Factor 4life Products And Opportunity

Transfer factor: Natural Products For Your Immune System Trusted Since 1998
Healthy immunity Equals Healthy Body

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E.K Yeap
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We have been actively involved in the Health industry and Health care products for more that 20 years now. I am a Food Technologist by training, and teach Tai chi excercise for health.

When we saw the reports of un-precendented immune boosting ability of Transfer Factor products we knew we had to try them for ourselves, and show them to our friends and loved ones. The science behind the products were great. We were pleasantly surprised to know that there is over 50 years of research on Transfer Factor. There is an estimated 3,500 scientific papers and clinical studies. An estimated $40 million spent on research in over 70 countries.

The products are great and they worked wonderfully for us and our families and the friends. Many people come back to us to find out more about the products when we leave them the literature to read. The solid scientific studies and research materials is compelling. The important research work with end stage (stage 4) cancer is amazing and holds much promise and excitement for those who are into being well..

With David Lisonbee
Received the Presidential Diamond pin from David Lisonbee, co-founder of 4Life. Australia 2002.

And in the lastest scientific and medical findings - new research from Harvard University show that Heart Disease, the number 1 killer in our society indicate that infection and inflammation (i.e. an immune dysfunction) is an important cause of the disease. Click here for more . It becomes vital that we have advanced and improved ways to take care of our immune health. Transfer Factor fits this wonderfully.

Being entreprenuers, we saw that the Compensation Plan is very suitable for both the average (part-timer) to the serious entrepreneur or Networker. The incomes that we are generating now will continue to grow and provide us with a beautiful life that sharing wonderful products can bring.




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