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My4life Transfer Factor | My4life Transfer Factor 4life Products And Opportunity

Transfer factor: Natural Products For Your Immune System Trusted Since 1998
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Immune Enhancement - boosting the immune system

The weak or weakened immune system - is there a way to strengthen it back?

The immune system is your ministry of defense. It can be relatively weak in several cases in general - the very young (infants and young children - have a naive, under developed immune system compared to adults), the elderly - as they age, many of their systems weaken. And those who are under stress - including financial stress, physiologival stress and also stress from illness.

Let's examine the time when you are sick and feeling ill, and look at the effects on the immune system.

Virus infection or bacterial infection.

This is when the immune system is under attack and is being over-whelmed. The situation is likened to a war within your body. Invaders in the form of viruses are causing illness and suffering. The immune system (soldiers) are fighting the war. Your body's energy is diverted to defense effort.

Cancer growth.

Cancer cells thriving and the war within the body is very real. The cells are competing for food and energy. The immune system may have started off already weaken (by aging, or by being constantly active with chronic infections or exposure to toxic, carcinogenic substances, stresses etc). The immune system is further weakened when it is losing its fight to cancer.

Many chemotherapy treatments further weaken the immune system.

How do Tranfer factor Help?

Transfer factor has three important functions - 1) enhancing the immune function, 2) balancing or modulation and 3) passing immune information from the host (eg cow, chicken) to the person consuming it.


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