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Transfer factor: Natural Products For Your Immune System Trusted Since 1998
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What is the Best Supplement for Strengthening the Immune System?

See Compelling Evidence from an Independent Study that there is one Winning product - by a wide 500% margin compared to 196 other products in enhancing NK Cell activity.

The Winning Products - Natural health supplements - 4Life Transfer factor tri factor formula (left), and Transfer factor Plus Tri-factor formula (right)
TF adv tri factor
TF Plus advanced tri factor

These two product are the newer generation to the 'Classic' and 'Transfer factor Plus' used in the 1998 report below.


Q: How does Transfer factor products compares with other immunity supplements in the market ?
A: Transfer factors out performs 196 (beats all of the tested supplements) other natural supplements in terms of its effects on immune system.

4Life Research's "Transfer Factor Plus" or TF+ raised NK (Natural Killer) cell activity by an un-precedented 248% in Independent tests. 

This was the highest performer compared with 196 other Natural products. This is a landmark study undertaken over 6 years and published in 1998, and compares "apples with apples". 4Life's Transfer Factor Classic (as it is now called) - a product still available in Australia also beat the 196 products, coming second to the flagship Transfer factor Plus product.  

Note: In later test published in 2003, the new Transfer factor Plus Advanced formula raised NK cell activity by 437%.

See the results chart below, and click here to read the impressive amounts of scientific and medical research and findings on transfer factor.

comparison chart

Above: Results from an Independent study carried out in 1998-99.
New studies with Transfer factor Advanced formula (in 2004) shows even further improved results. See below

A. Noni (Morinda citrifolia)

B. Aloe Vera Concentrate (acemannan)
C. Endocrine System Formula
D. Phytonutrient Formula with Garlic
E. Bovine Colostrum
F. Cordyceps Formula
G. Shiitake Mushroom
H. Echinacea
I.  Plant Polysaccharide Formula
J.  IP6 highest of group previously tested
K.  4Life Transfer Factor™
L.  4Life Transfer Factor Plus™ 

new, updated

Click here to enlarge and read about the new Advanced Formula

New 2004 results, Updated Comparisions: when the Transfer factor Plus Advanced Formula was created and patented - it increased immune system effectivness by 437%. More here

Click here to see what Medical Professionals say about Transfer Factor

Immunizations via Vaccinations - some views.



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How NK cells kill tumor and virus infected cells in your body




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